2017 Breeders Cup

How many handicappers are at the racetrack all Summer long but make nothing?

There are a ton. There also a number of guys out there making a fortune.

It boils down to this and only this. You need to be on the inside of this game to have a chance. You need to know people. You need to know trainers. You need to know jockeys. You need to know owners.

If you don’t – you might win for a day – you might win for a week – you might even win for a month or a year – but eventually you will go bust.

I will give you the answers for every situation and how to bet in those given situations. I will also give you access to my live e-mail selections as I am watching each individual race. This is the most valuable information because I have inside contacts at multiple tracks who are right there as their horses walk onto the track. This can be the most important tool to determine whether or not a horse is ready to run.

Want to win, here are the prices…

You request the card, you get a breakdown of every race. $19.99

Breeders’ Cup Preview: $40 (Includes breakdown of every race prior to post position draw)

Breeders Cup Breakdown: Friday $100/Saturday: $150 Both: $180

You will win back that money by the Late Pick 4 on Friday of the Breeders Cup and that’s a guarantee.

E-mail me directly at DAdams0211@gmail.com with the Title: Breeders’ Cup in the subject line



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