2018 Kentucky Derby

Everybody wants to CASH BIG in the Kentucky Derby. Right? The guys on television are always picking the chalk. That’s fine and dandy when they win, but to win big, you need the other horses. You need the Lookin At Lee and Battle of Midway types to be the guy at the track laughing his way to the windows.

You can do that with me right here. I have spent the last 18 years perfecting my craft and betting strategies to maximize on my profits. By no means am I rich or do I have a lot of money. My tickets vary from $0.40 up to about $40 at the high end.

I am looking for to win the most amount of the money risking the least amount of money. Don’t get me wrong, I always have a plan if my bankroll increases, and if you decide you want to roll with Dr. Dan’s Daily Dose, I will not only sell you picks like many of the sites do, I will teach you along the way. You will learn why I make the pick I do as I breakdown each race.

There are a variety of resources I use to handicap each race. Depending on whether you just want selections to the Kentucky Derby or whether or you are looking for my race by race breakdown of Canterbury Park in the Summer, you will get what you pay for and I honor my word. If you don’t make money, I won’t make money. And I am not in this to lose money.

I am a chart caller at Canterbury Park in Minnesota. If you don’t know what that means, I am responsible for all the information you see on Equibase, DRF, and Brisnet. All there data is compiled by guys like me at each racetrack. We watch each race live, call the horse positions, and then create the official chart.

I have inside information that I get from a variety of sources in the press box’s from tracks across the country. If I have a question about a horse. I can call the guy who watches him race and made the comment about him in the Daily Racing Form.

I also want to make one thing clear, I am not the guy who’s BEST BET OF THE DAY is at odds of 3-5 at post time. My best bet has value. He may not win every time, but when he does, it will be at odds which pad your bankroll.

I will get you there, if you don’t believe, I will post picks and some bets for the Derby preps as the season goes along. Don’t believe me, check out my post of the Sam F. Davis – You can also follow me on Twitter, @DrDanMinnesota and on this website.
Any questions, e-mail me,  dadams0211@gmail.com



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